Exploring International Street Food: Top 5 Picks and How to Make Them at Home

A group of friends happily buying food from a street vendor at an outdoor market.

Street food has a way of bringing people together from all walks of life. It’s also become more popular than ever, serving an important social and cultural role in cities across the world. With the right ingredients, you can bring some of your favorite street food staples home, for a rich culinary experience that’s equally […]

Understanding Halal Meat: What Makes It Different and Why It Matters

A raw Halal steak on a wooden board with tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms, and seasoning, ready for cooking.

Islam has various rules that guide how its followers worship, dress, and even eat. This is why you are likely to find most Muslim foods, particularly meat, being labeled “halal.” While some people adhere strictly to the set dietary laws, others may not fully understand what makes certain foods to be permitted and some to […]

Celebrate International Friendship Day: 5 Foods That Bring People Together

Friends enjoying tacos and other dishes together at a festive gathering.

Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Food can unite dissimilar people and bring friends even closer together, whether you’re commiserating over a bowl of chips and dip or indulging in a decadent fondue. International Friendship Day is a time to celebrate those closest to us and all the positive ways friendship changes our […]

Father’s Day Feast: 4 International BBQ Styles to Try This Year

Joyful family barbecue scene with a grandfather grilling and chatting with his granddaughter, surrounded by family members enjoying the sunny outdoors.

Nothing says, “It’s dad’s day!” like a bright spring day, gathered with his lifelong MVPs, the smell of grilled delights wafting through the air. By now, Father’s Day has near-universal appeal, inspiring families the world over to show their papa bear a hefty portion of appreciation for galvanizing the family unit’s backbone. While most hardworking […]

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival: Traditional Foods and Their Significance

zongzi rice dumplings served on a baomboo plate with bamboo leaves in the background

The Duanwu Festival, aka the Dragon Boat Festival, is a pan-Asian holiday marked by a patriotic legend surrounding themes of sacrifice and community bonds. While more people celebrate the festival (complete with dragon boat races) in China than anywhere else, it carries special significance to Asian peoples throughout Southeast Asia as well. As you might […]

Exploring Filipino Cuisine: Must-Try Dishes and Ingredients

A variety of Filipino dishes on a colorful woven mat. Includes kutsinta in a bowl, white puto in banana leaves, meaty rendang, golden cookies, and chocolate rice cakes. The warm light highlights the vivid colors and inviting textures.

Many have had at least some experience with Filipino cuisine and experienced its almost Cajun-esque exploration of what could be called the original Asian-Fusion BBQ. Featuring the same exotic flair as many types of Southeast Asian cooking with a vaguely Mexican structure, this Spanish-American Asian cuisine is a living time capsule – or a still […]

Fermented Foods: Tasty and Healthy Delights from Different Cultures

A bowl of freshly made kimchi, a traditional Korean appetizer, featuring seasoned and fermented cabbage with a mix of spices and herbs, presented on a woven mat with a pair of wooden chopsticks on the side.

Throughout history, cultures the world over have used fermentation to enhance nutrition and derive other unique qualities from foods. Historically, fermentation was also an important means of extending a food’s life unaided by refrigeration. It’s said laborers building the Great Wall of China invented sauerkraut to secure a food source during the non-growing season. Beer […]

Latin American Easter Traditions: A Foodie’s Guide

A joyful black family engages in Easter festivities; a child with focused attention, parents smiling warmly, with colorful Easter eggs and a charming bunny decoration adorning the table.

Easter is a major celebration the world over, but perhaps none celebrate it more heartily in the kitchen than Latin America. While most Latin Americans attend church on Good Friday, many opt for a more festive (and loud!) celebration, gathering in unison together to sing, dance, and even set off firecrackers. Of course, Easter festivities […]

Halal Delicacies for Ramadan: Preparing for Iftar and Suhoor

A happy family sitting at a dining table with a Muslim father pouring milk into his young daughter's glass. The mother, wearing a hijab, is smiling at them. There's a spread of various dishes on the table, and everyone appears to be enjoying a cozy, intimate meal together.

Ramadan is an extremely important time in the Islamic faith. Though it’s widely known as a time of fasting, this actually requires greater dietary considerations to prepare and break each daily fast. In fact, the entire holy month of Ramadan invites deeper introspection into one’s relationship with food as a vehicle for life. The Significance […]