Fermented Foods: Tasty and Healthy Delights from Different Cultures

A bowl of freshly made kimchi, a traditional Korean appetizer, featuring seasoned and fermented cabbage with a mix of spices and herbs, presented on a woven mat with a pair of wooden chopsticks on the side.

Throughout history, cultures the world over have used fermentation to enhance nutrition and derive other unique qualities from foods. Historically, fermentation was also an important means of extending a food’s life unaided by refrigeration. It’s said laborers building the Great Wall of China invented sauerkraut to secure a food source during the non-growing season. Beer […]

A Guide to International Cheese: From Brie to Paneer

grilled brie cheese topped with nuts and other international ingredients

There is nothing wrong with being a cheese snob but in order to take such a step, you will need to be fully informed first. That’s where this helpful guide comes into play. Before visiting a Naperville grocery store, you will want to know as much as possible about each of these options. Be sure […]

Healthy Eating, Global Flavors: Exploring International Super Foods

Superfoods are foods that contain a significant amount of minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. Making them a part of your diet won’t just make you feel healthier and stronger. It could improve your quality of life.  By exploring international superfoods, you can find many options that add a colorful taste to your daily meals. Here are […]

Spice Up Your Kitchen: A Beginners Guide to Essential Indian Spices

circular tray of indian spices on top of yellow cloth

Indian cuisine is one of the best foods you’ll ever taste. From an artful aesthetic appeal to savory flavors to tantalizing aromas, this cuisine ticks all the right culinary boxes. No wonder it ranks in the top ten on the list of best global fares. The secret to the delicious Indian dishes lies in the […]

6 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Fruit into Your Diet

a variety of grilled whole fruit, pineapple, peach and avocado

Whether you’re looking for a delicious complement to your daily breakfast, need a convenient grab-and-go afternoon snack, or are trying to eat a well-balanced diet, fruit provides endless options in terms of flavor, nutrients, and versatility. It’s true that fruit is often associated with breakfast or snack time, but it shouldn’t end there. Cooking with […]

What is Halal ​​Food? A Guide to​​ Halal Ingredients and​​ Cuisine

variety of halal foods, arabian pancakes, katayef, ramadan foods

Halal food ​​has become​​ increasingly popular ​​in recent years, even ​​​for those who ​​don’t follow ​​Islam. But what ​​exactly does​​ “halal” mean? And​​ what are ​​some common halal ​​foods and ​​ingredients? This guide will ​​explain everything​​ you need to know​​ about halal cuisine. What Does ​​Halal ​​Mean? The Arabic word​​ “halal” literally ​​means “permissible” ​​or […]

Ghee, Clarified Butter, and Regular Butter: What Are the Differences?

slab of butter on a white dish

From grocery store shelves to cooking shows, ghee, clarified butter, and regular butter have all become popular conversation points. While all three are derived from milk, they differ in several ways, including their composition, production processes, flavors, and culinary applications. Below are more details about how the three dairy products differ.  What is Regular Butter? […]

How to Cook Chicken without Drying it Out

perfectly cooked whole chicken with tomatoes and onion cut up on the side

If there’s one meat that everyone in your family can agree on for dinner, it’s chicken. Along with being affordable, healthy, and delicious, chicken is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be prepared in countless ways, making it perfect for virtually any dish requiring protein. While chicken is relatively easy to handle and cook, it’s […]

Which Cooking Oils Are the Healthiest: Your Complete Guide

olive oil being poured into small glass bowl

Every day, millions of home chefs reach for their pantry door to grab a trusted bottle of cooking oil so that they might prepare dinner for their families. Cooking oil is not only healthier than butter, in general, but it adds a hearty component to many dishes, from pasta to sautéed vegetables. While cooking oils […]