How to Perfectly Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey

person holding a pan with a perfectly roasted thanksgiving turkey on the kitchen counter

Thanksgiving is around the corner. As usual, turkeys will be the centerpiece of almost every American household. This is also the perfect time to impress your family and guests with a sumptuous roasted turkey. Therefore, it’s time to perfect turkey roasting techniques. Keep reading to learn valuable tricks and hacks to help roast your Thanksgiving turkey to perfection. 

It’s Thanksgiving season, so you will get a fresh turkey and avoid the hassle of thawing it. Besides that, you can find enough turkey to suit your family and guests. As a rule of thumb, 1.5 pounds of turkey is enough for one person. Therefore, use the number of people you expect to determine how much you need to avoid having leftovers. 

Unless you have a batch of turkey seasoning in your cupboard, you may need to buy some seasoning for your Thanksgiving turkey. There are many seasonings to use, but your choice depends on how flavorful you want your turkey to be. However, options like Kosher salt to tenderize the turkey or brown sugar to balance out the spices and salt is a must-have. 

For dried herbs, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and sage are perfect options. At the same time, spices like smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and ground black pepper will make the turkey super flavorful. 

Getting that perfectly brown skin butter requires you to do things out of the ordinary: Dry Brining. Contrary to popular practice, which prefers soaking the turkey in salt and water, dry brining does the opposite. With this process, you will need to rub a lot of salt and a bit of brown sugar all over the meat (You can opt for pepper as well). Your turkey will still be juicer, but the skin will be extra crispy. Once you stuff it with the seasoning, brush it with plenty of butter before cooking to get a golden skin. 

Assuming your turkey is perfectly dry and rubbed with plenty of butter, your next step should be seasoning. Start by mixing the dry herbs and spices in a separate bowl. Then, with your bare hands, rub the seasoning on all exposed parts of the turkey, including the inner cavity, wings, legs, and under the skin. 

Yes, you got it right! Many people prefer to slow cook their Thanksgiving temperature at 325 F. Still, it’s best to start by blasting it at an extremely high temperature (425 F to be specific) for 40 minutes, then lower the oven temperature to 350 F for the rest of the cooking time. It’s always a good idea to brush it with butter oil every 20 minutes to keep the meat moist and the surface brown. Roasting the turkey would last between 3 to 4 hours if it’s a 14-pounder or 2 hours if it’s an 8-pounder. 

We cannot stress this enough – don’t pour the drippings that build on the roasting pan after your turkey is cooked in the garbage. It’s packed with flavor that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving gravy. 

Once you take the turkey out of the oven, leave it for at least 20 minutes before carving. It’s advisable to cover it tightly with foil to keep it warm and prevent turning its perfectly golden skin soggy. 

Your quest to roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey starts right from your turkey selection. If you live in Naperville, Woodridge, Warrenville, Plainfield, or Aurora, and their surrounding area, International Fresh Market is your perfect place to shop whole turkeys. We emphasize quality and convenience while providing fresh meats for our clients. Contact or visit us today to make your order. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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