Celebrate International Friendship Day: 5 Foods That Bring People Together

Friends enjoying tacos and other dishes together at a festive gathering.

Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Food can unite dissimilar people and bring friends even closer together, whether you’re commiserating over a bowl of chips and dip or indulging in a decadent fondue. International Friendship Day is a time to celebrate those closest to us and all the positive ways friendship changes our lives. Join us as we explore various international foods perfectly suited for celebrating and honoring the friends in our lives.

Food transcends cultural barriers and fosters connections. After all, people might speak different languages, but when presented with a delicious dish, it’s easy to share the same appreciation for good food. From party foods like appetizers and salsas to impressive entrees carved up at a fancy dinner, sharing a meal is a universal act of bonding and hospitality. There’s no better way to connect with people than over food, whether you’ve been friends with someone for years or are just embarking on a valued friendship journey.

While any food can be a vessel to enhance and honor friendship, these particular items have become popular options on International Friendship Day.

In Italy, dining is a communal experience where everyone has a seat at the table. Due to this, Italian pasta dishes have become hugely popular with people all around the world. Rich, hearty staples like spaghetti carbonara, lasagna, and fettuccine Alfredo are not only delicious but easy to prepare, giving you more time with friends and less time in the kitchen. A pasta night with your nearest and dearest is a great way to celebrate those you love!

Tacos are a hands-on dish where everyone can get involved. A taco bar, with options to suit every palate, is a simple and delicious way to host a gathering. Plus, it’s interactive, inciting plenty of conversation about everyone’s favorite way to dress their taco.

Sushi making is an art, and in Japan, sushi makers are considered true artisans in the kitchen. There are many different kinds of sushi, from nigiri to sashimi. While sushi can be an acquired taste, having a sushi-making party is a great way to invite friends to expand their palettes and discover the joy of fresh sushi.

Mezze is a variety of small dishes shared amongst friends. Hummus, falafel, and tabbouleh are all favorites with diners around the world. These hearty, flavorful dishes are perfect for all palettes. Consider hosting a mezze night, with plenty of small plates to share so that everyone can discover the joy of this Middle Eastern tradition.

Dining in India is also a communal experience. Curry dishes and naan bread for dipping are a great way to get everyone involved in a meal, even as they share memories about their favorite times and holidays gone by. Organizing a curry night where you feature various curries, like chicken tikki masala and lamb vindaloo, is a fabulous way to share the wealth of this beloved tradition.

It doesn’t have to be challenging to host an International Friendship Day feast. Focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere with simple themed decorations and be sure that everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences are accommodated. Having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand is also a great way to ensure everyone can find something they love. Consider asking every guest to bring a dish from their culture to share!

International Friendship Day is a time to celebrate all those we love, including our cherished childhood friends and new acquaintances. If you’re preparing to get together with friends and family, shop fresh picks at your local Indian food store, International Fresh Market. We have all the international foods you need to make your gathering a success!

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