7 Ways to Prep Your Kitchen for a Lively Christmas Celebration

family celebrating christmas together over dinner

Food galore, drinks, lots of treats, and being surrounded by your family and friends, Christmas is around the corner. With the excitement of having everyone around, we cannot deny the possibility of being extravagant with our choices of food, drinks, and equipment despite having a limited kitchen space. Luckily, these 7 considerations can help you prep your kitchen and ensure you enjoy a lively Christmas celebration. 

You will be buying a lot of supplies for your Christmas party, and your family and friends will be bringing extra dishes. Therefore, you may need to create extra space in your fridge to accommodate the extra supplies and dishes. Start by looking for things you can take out, such as potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and melons. Then, do a big declutter and get rid of unused fridge containers. This will free up enough space to store your leftover food. 

You need to keep your kitchen clutter and keep the roof functional for all your Christmas merriments. Therefore, it’s time to keep that favorite vintage dinner platter or awkward potato masher in your cabinet’s extra space to keep your worktop clutter-free. Take your time to sort out your items and keep those that you will not be using while preparing your Christmas dinner in your extra space. You can then shift the most necessary ones to cabinets close to your kitchen top. 

Preparing a Christmas dinner requires plenty of pots, pans, oven trays, and serving dishes. You may also need an extra-long-tin foil to keep your food warm before serving dinner. Do not also forget to check whether your knives are nice and extra sharp to make your cooking easier and faster. 

The bottom line is, for every item you need, ensure it’s available and ready for use. If possible, buy all items that you don’t have as early as possible, or you’ll find yourself dealing with a Christmas shopping rush. 

There are factors to consider while planning your Christmas meal. You will likely start with choosing your main dish, like casserole, Christmas ham, turkey, or any other show-stopping dish. Then, look for something to compliment your main dish, whether a Christmas side dish or appetizer.

Finally, don’t forget desserts and a few cocktails to sip on throughout the night. Ensure that your recipe considers the number of people you’ll be serving – you may need to double up on some of your recipes. 

Now that you have a clear picture of the meals you’ll prepare for your Christmas dinner, it’s time to have everything ready. Start by taking stock of every ingredient you may have and write down all ingredients you may need or are short of. It’s best to start buying your stock two days before Christmas. This gives you ample time to get fresh supplies from your local supermarket

Hosting a Christmas dinner is all about entertainment. Therefore, you should get creative with your seating arrangement. One of the best ways to incorporate seating in your kitchen is by creating an extended breakfast bar or a small island in your kitchen’s open space. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with clutter after a Christmas party. Therefore, it’s best to get a few extra bins in your kitchen to put all the dirt and grime that will accumulate during the Christmas dinner. It would be best if you also kept stuff that you don’t use often away from on the countertop. Keep your pet supplies in their basket, mail in your organizer, and your fruits in their trays. This will also minimize the clutter you must deal with after your Christmas dinner party. 

Preparing for a Christmas dinner party requires a lot of considerations, as mentioned above. However, your chances of achieving a successful Christmas dinner depend on the availability of fresh supplies for your recipes. 

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